Lending, Investing, Buying or Selling

Buying or selling a home is often the most significant financial decision a person will make. We provide independent appraisals of all residential real estate types to assist clients in their decision making. We work with individual property owners as well as lenders and mortgage professionals in a timely and professional manner.

Our team regularly works with local real estate investors to provide impartial value opinions to aid their investment decisions. We provide appraisals for single investment properties to portfolio's of 100+ units.


Lending, Investing, Buying or Selling

The valuation of commercial real estate is a specialized practice that requires the use of a qualified and experienced professional. We have a staff that meets and exceeds the necessary qualifications to handle commercial valuations across a broad scope of property types. We work with a variety of financial institutions, attorneys, investors, and brokers to provide competent and detailed commercial appraisal assignment results. 

Changes in commercial real estate trends can have significant impacts in the marketplace, we stay up to date on the current national, regional, and local market trends to provide the utmost due diligence for our clients.


Partnerships, Divorce, Estates, and Eminent Domain

Our team has significant experience in real estate appraisal as it relates to the dissolution of partnerships and divorces. We work regularly with attorneys and administrators of estates to provide dependable real estate appraisal results in an ethical manner. Our team has worked with legal and governmental clients on eminent domain, easements for title disputes, and utility easements such as natural gas pipelines.


Feasibility Study, Market Rent Survey, Construction Appraisal

When it comes to real estate decision making you need to rely on a qualified professional to ensure a successful project outcome. For feasibility studies, market rent survey and analysis, build vs buy analysis, or general market research we have the experience and qualifications to advise on decision making.